Has your deck lost its appeal and is now looking worn down and ragged? Proper deck maintenance is the key for a great looking deck year-round. Maintaining a deck is a laborious and tedious process and it is no wonder most deck owners procrastinate this process or allow their decks to unnecessarily deteriorate over time. At Decking Sydney we provide professional and experienced deck maintenance services including oiling and sanding to keep your deck looking fresh.

Routine Deck Maintenance

There are many things to consider when deciding the right time to maintain your deck. Factors such as exposure to the elements and the type of wood and stain used will determine how often you need to service your deck. For example, an uncovered deck will need more frequent maintenance than a deck that is covered and mostly shielded from the elements.

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Sanding & Oiling

Sanding & oiling your deck is necessary to prolong the life of your deck. In order to remove damaged and splintered wood from your existing deck, it is necessary to sand the deck before applying any oils or stains. The deck must be smooth, clean, and free of debris before applying a stain or oil.

Once your deck has been properly sanded, cleaned, and dried, it is prepared for its oil application. Oiling your deck not only seals and protects your deck overall, but it brings your deck back to life by showcasing and highlighting the beautiful natural wood grains of your existing deck.

A lack of deck maintenance or improper maintenance can cause damage and mould build up on your deck, which could lead to the costly replacement or removal of your deck. At Decking Sydney we can provide you with a free consultation for our professional deck maintenance services to keep your deck in tip-top shape.

sydney perolas