Deck & Staircase Balustrades

We offer various types of balustrade to compliment your deck, balcony and stairs including frameless glass, hardwood posts and handrails with stainless steel tension wires, stainless steel posts and rails with wires, powder coated aluminium vertical systems in a variety of sizes, profiles and colours as well as the traditional hardwood or treated pine balustrades.

Deck & Staircase Balustrades

The factors to consider when choosing the right balustrade for you are:

Safety, view, maintenance and style!

Aesthetically which look will best suit your house, traditional homes more often will be suited to hardwood or treated pine balustrades with vertical spindles, whilst more modern homes benefit from either frameless glass or stainless steel tension wire systems which can be fitted onto variety of posts and handrails such as hardwood, aluminium and stainless steel.

When is a handrail required?

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) advises that a handrail is required where there is the possibility of falling over one metre or more from a floor or building. In other words, a deck less than one metre (1m) above ground is not required to have a handrail, though depending on the height it may still be recommended.

Generally we recommend where there is a drop of more than around 500mm particularly if there are small children or elderly people we would recommend installing a balustrade as a safety precaution even if it isn’t necessarily mandatory as far as the building code is concerned.

Decks four metres (4m) from the ground or higher need to meet additional design requirements. For these decks, the handrails must not have any climbable elements located between 150mm and 760mm of the floor. This means horizontal balustrades are not allowed to be used at this height, so stainless steel tension wires can’t be used where the deck is 4m or more and vertical balustrades should have no footholds.

Deck & Staircase Balustrades

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Fortress is the industry leader for the balustrade systems and designs in Australia.

Locally tested and meeting all Australian standards as set out in the BCA the brand has a diverse line of residential products.

With over 40 years of industry presence and partnerships, Fortress has a complete line of products offers custom made solutions to home requirements.

So when it comes to the powder coated aluminium balustrade with an aesthetic finish, it is Fortress that offers best quality, value and best styles in the market!



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