The journey counts!

Apart from delivering the best deck your money can buy, we ensure the time you spent with us gives you peace of mind and a damn good experience. For us it is not just the end result; but how it came together.

Decking Sydney aims to keep you happy from the moment we meet to the day we say goodbye.

I would like to share with you one of our customer’s journey from beginning to end, it may help you appreciate how we will manage and execute your projects!

This is a true story!

Trudy and her family moved into a beautiful house in the eastern suburbs however they always had their reservations with her pool area. Trudy was unsure why her deck would made strange noises when they walked on it. She left it for a year as the new house had more urgent matters to be attend to. When all seemed well on the inside of the home Trudy started thinking about summer –  her pool – her family and friends and her relaxation time. These thought inevitable took her to think about her pool deck! Trudy decided to research “deck maintenance” and found us with Google. She sent an enquiry via our website contact form and asked if we repair alfresco decks.

Our automated system sent through a reply-email confirming receipt of Trudy’s question and that our head builder would make contact the next working day to chat through her enquiry. We always attach information flyers to all our enquiry emails with a Q&A to help make the process of your deck build as transparent as possible. We aim to empower you with information from the beginning with product information and choice and give you insight into our time management systems. All of which led Trudy to think through a variety of points she had not considered about her deck.

We made an appointment to meet with Trudy at her home where it was discovered that the subframe had reached its expiration date. Often when joists are rotten, they tend to whine a slow dying moan when you walk on the boards! The decking boards were a Mission Brown that simply looked sad and tired (a bit like me on a Thursday night).

It was time to spruce the alfresco space up and turn it into a living space that could be fully enjoyed by the whole family.

Our concept manager is a magician when it comes to delivering a vision, he knew exactly what to suggest for this home. Trudy and her husband claimed to be “naturalists” – I have heard so many people over the years claim how “natural” is the only way to go – they wanted hardwood. Little did they know that there were other products in the market that looked better than natural and didn’t need the intense attention natural demands. Its like those “natural” beauties that require a day at a spa to radiate magnificence regularly! Hard work! Not to mention the cost!

We don’t like to play favourites when it comes to the stable of boards we supply and install, but, for this project is was Millboard all the way. Millboard was presented in our quote with all its glory and won Trudy’s heart. We know for a fact the family has never looked back.

Millboard Enhanced Grain Coppered Oak was the board of choice, it brightened up the space in a way that it was not the same space anymore. Its maintenance free trait means that there will be no
days at the spa for this beauty! And with a 25-year warranty you can forget about your deck aging before you! A fresh and lively space for years to come.


The result of course is inclusive of a project managed job, that is on budget and on time with all warranties, certificates, and agreements in place! Now that is peace of mind for your money!

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