Decking Sydney quotation terms & conditions


Decking Sydney proudly offer a structural guarantee on all our decks for 6 years upon receipt of full and final payment.

We have $20 million-dollar public liability insurance, full workers’ compensation insurance, and adhere to work cover safe practices in the workplace. Copies of insurance certificates are available upon request.

We are registered with the NSW Office of Fair Trading; our Contractor’s License Number is 256662C.



10% or 50% deposit of total amount required to book and hold project into project timeline, pending on work site.

Timeline placement commences from the date funds arrive into company bank account.

First progress payment after decking materials delivered to site or when works commence on site.

Progress 2, 3 etc. after completion of project stages.

10% of final total on sign off project completion.

When projects total above $50,000 stage payment will vary based on works completed, progress payment amounts are a guideline

Customer to advise of maximum amount payable in one time.

Each progress payment to be paid within 3 days of issue

Late or unpaid invoice will incur a 3% weekly charge of balance amount.

Payments to be made by EFT or call with Visa or Master cards only please with 1% surcharge. We do not accept cheque payments.

All claims for payment are made under NSW Security of Payment Act 2002.

All goods supplied remain property of Decking Sydney Pty Ltd until full payment is received.

Projects with the value of $20,000 incur a 1% premium on total of project if a Home-Owners Certificate of Insurance is required. The certificate is from ICARE the NSW government backed insurance policy for added peace of mind. Please advise if you would like and certificate when accepting the quotation.

Strata projects required full details for project invoicing from the date of accepting quotation. This includes disclosing payment timeframes and accountant contact details responsible for making payment. Any specific details reliant on invoice payments must be made on accepting quotation. If payment timeframes are not advised terms and conditions will apply.


  • Homeowners to disclose any council regulations that may affect the build or project.
  • DA and CDC variations remain the responsibility of the homeowner
  • Product information links are provided within this quote to assist you with product choice. It is the customer responsibility to follow the manufacture’s care and cleaning recommendations. Decking Sydney releases all responsibility for the mistreatment and negligence of customer product handling. Any repairs costs will be incurred by the customer at a quoted price.
  • Product warranties are offered by the product manufacture. Please observe product links.
  • Checking bushfire areas/specifying certain products compliant for bushfire areas must be done by a qualified bush fire engineer. You can check here if your land is in a bush fire prone area.
  • Timber boards and staircase treads can shrink and expand in different climates, minor cupping of individual boards can also occur and is a natural feature, this is considered normal and not a defect.
  • Any skips supplied are solely for use of Decking Sydney Pty Ltd unless otherwise stated
  • Any surplus materials remain property of Decking Sydney Pty Ltd.
  • The m² figure on deck layout is an approximation only. The deck, stairs, enclosed sub frames, balustrades, privacy screens, pergolas will be built to the layout description. If the finished area is less than the estimate m² amount there will be no deduction in cost – the rate is fixed not pro rata per m².
  • If you choose not to have your hardwood decking boards oiled or sealed by Decking Sydney it is your responsibility to do so within a maximum of 2 weeks’ time of installation. Australian standards guidelines state to use a minimum two coats, applied in full, compliance with manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do so will negates any warranty of the decking boards.
  • Deck maintenance is the sole responsibility of the customer/ owner and Decking Sydney will not be held liable for any boards which are either poorly maintained or not maintained frequently enough or incorrectly maintained with inferior products.
  • For pool decking works we require your pool coping tiles to be properly sealed before we commence works. Coping tiles are porous, and tannins can cause irreparable damage to any tile/stone surface. Decking Sydney releases responsibility for any staining to copping due to unsealed tiles.
  • Flush pool skimmer boxes are very prone to expanding and contracting due to their proximity to swimming pools. This is not considered a defect; skimmers require regular removal and maintenance to prevent expansion and contraction. This is applicable to both composite and hardwood skimmer boxes. We can provide you with an option for a flush removable stainless-steel skimmer box which is guaranteed not to expand and contract. This is by request only and considered an upgrade to this item.
  • Differences in board thickness and width can sometimes occur, all decking boards including composite can vary in width and thickness, they are subject to thermal expansion and contraction. This can cause expansion between boards and result in an uneven look in the spacing. This is a natural feature and is not considered defective.
  • Timber is a natural product hence there may be variation in colour and grain. Some boards will contain natural features – such as knots and gum veins. Decking boards are prone to having minor surface splits, shatters and opening of the grain, this is a natural feature of the exterior timber and is not considered defect.
  • We endeavour to minimise residue in our work area however it is inevitable for minimal residue making its way into your pool. We advise you to schedule your pool cleaning from your regular service provider after works have been completed around your deck.
  • Stainless steel tension wires may become slightly loose after time, if your project has this element, we have provided you with a tool which you can use to tighten them. This loosening is due to thermal expansion and contraction. Timber can shrink by a few mm which will cause the wires to loosen. They can be simply tightened with tool provided. Please note wires are not suitable for climbing, using as a support of any kind. Tightening of wires is part of your ongoing maintenance and need attention every 6 months or when required.
  • Due to natural expansion and contraction of timber frames and all decking boards, glass pool fence panels can become slightly out of alignment over time, this is not considered a defect.
  • Glass panels installed by Decking Sydney undergo a very strict quality testing process to ensure they meet and exceed national safety regulations.  You can be assured that the glass we install is fit for purpose however glass is a breakable commodity and is not offered warranty after installation. In the case of defects discovery between the period of installation and project completion, the glass shall be replaced.
  • Caring for your frameless glass – Exposure to UV Light, pollution, salt deposits and chemicals can affect the long-term performance of the fence. A gentle monthly clean with a soft brush, warm water and mild detergent followed by a rinse of fresh water will maintain the panels and the finish of the stainless-steel fencing components.
  • Pool fence gate can sometimes drop by a small margin and come out of alignment with the adjacent panel. This can be caused by natural expansion and contraction of timber subframe and deck boards, this is not considered defective.
  • Deck sealing can last anywhere from 3-12 months dependent on geographical location, weather conditions, amount of rain and sun exposure and foot traffic the deck is subject to, it is recommended you review your deck every 6 months for attention. It is recommended to allow up to 48 hours from completion of job before walking, wetting, or moving back heavy furniture on to your deck.
  • Balustrade and railings need maintenance as per decking.
  • Led deck lights have 12 months manufacture’s warrantee and actual fitting of deck lights (not wiring) 6 years warrantee.
  • HardieDeck must be inspected and painted regularly by the customer works carried out in accordance with AES 1684 building code of Australia
  • Rendered plan are offered free of charge to customers with project totals of over $50,000. If you would like a rendered plan of your project, a fee of 1.5% of your project total will be charged.
  • Your project completion signoff is your agreement that the works are complete and meet your satisfaction. Please review your works prior to the date of sign off completion
  • Your sign off and final payment will activate your warranties .

Millboard has a protective coating for installation process which wears off with time, foot traffic, and exposure to sun and rain. This does not happen on vertical section hence the appearance will view a slight colour variation, notable when screening above the boards. This is not considered a defect.

Millboard is not completely fade resistant; fading is dependent upon your geographic location weather generally the darker colours will fade slightly more so than the lighter colours. This is not considered a defect.

Millboard decking board vary in widths and thickness up to 2% which means that there can be a variation in boards of up to 3.5 mm in width and half a millimeter in depth this is not considered a defect this is part of their manufacturing process and product look and feel. 

Millboard sample and displays are reflective of the product and not an exact indication of how the finished product will look when installed. Millboard is at hand finished product; every batch can vary slightly. They can be slight variations to grain and colour this is not considered a defect.

Please note Millboard needs regular cleaning it may appear to be slightly faded however this is generally just a build-up of dust and dirt. It is the owner’s responsibility is to clean the deck regularly, this is not a product defect.

Due to extreme climate, product of all types are experiencing more than normal impact. Product effected by extreme heat and drought, extreme rain and flooding cannot be guarantee nor considered defective. Product failure in referenced to extreme weather impact is not a reflection of product defect.


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